“Elizabeth has been a tremendous coach and sponsor in my life. In all her coaching, she always treats me with dignity, never doing the thinking for me, but leading me with eye-opening questions.  In times of very difficult situations she coaches me to focus on the facts and truth, putting principles above personalities, to come out of confusion in order to find emotionally mature solutions. Her professional coaching has helped me to grow into a confident woman with a lot of courage.” Dorothea, Germany

Varis Lux Testimony for http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

Elizabeth is a real gem for any start-up entrepreneur. She knows all the intricacies of setting up a business. Great motivator, Elizabeth is the best medicine to all the procrastinators out there.” -Varis, Australia

Frank Mitchell Testimony for http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

“When taking our company global, we faced many important decisions, we needed an expert in overseas markets to sit down and speak candidly on the areas we needed work to be viable in foreign markets. I was blessed to have met Elizabeth, her expert advice helped guide us into a position where we were ready to compete on a global stage, and I can honestly say she saved us money, time, and energy. Allowing us to focus on our main goals. When I’m faced with critical decisions she’s one of the first people I call.” -Frank, USA

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“She is a true professional who never compromises on quality.” -Awi, London

“I was impressed with the level of performance Elizabeth provided. I look forward to working with her again.” -Alexander, USA

“Elizabeth is an all-around PRO. Extremely talented professional…I cannot say enough about her professionalism, skill level and ease to work with.” -Gary, USA

“Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with, communicates clearly and easily. I look forward to working with her again.” -Jayna, USA

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