UN Youth Ambassador’s Continual Message of #Forgiveforpeace

“This is the second of three articles on Social Media Influencer Crawford Collins where he talks about his role as UN Youth Ambassador. Read the third article where Collins discusses meeting Richard Branson and being an emotionally mature entrepreneur at age 18. If you didn’t see the previous article click here to read how Collins is emerging as a celebrity Dee Jay. ”

— Elizabeth Garvey, EMB Founder

CRAWF+IMG_2483+yesIt has been six months since the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2015. But according to one young man, world peace is an everyday goal. Canadian social media influencer Crawford Collins speaks on the events in New York last September as a UN Youth Ambassador and on his life motto of forgiveness.

Honor of Being Chosen for UN Youth Ambassador

Elizabeth Garvey: In September 2015, you were chosen to be a UN Youth Ambassador, in conjunction with Influential, an invite only platform. How did you get an invite to use Influential?

Crawford Collins: Influential is a company I had worked with a few times previously. They are a cool company. They connect social media influencers with different brands and different companies and organizations… I had worked with them and they are professional, so when they brought this to me I knew it was a really cool opportunity… I think it was one of the coolest ones out of anything I have been brought… biggest honor and coolest opportunity I have ever received.

EG: So, they approached you with the opportunity?

CC: I think it was because, I mean it is sad to say, but a lot of social media people don’t share the same message. I try to keep all my content clean. I try to keep a positive message in everything I do. Never spread negativity. And I think they kind of saw that and it really fit with what World Peace Day was trying to do. So they saw that my brand and what I believed in worked really well with what they were trying to accomplish. That’s why they reached out to me.

UN Youth Ambassador’s Continual Message of #Forgiveforpeace with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

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Crawford Collins Likes to Give Back to Fans

EG: You said this was one of the coolest experiences you ever had. What exactly about the experience spoke to you?

CC: I have been doing social media for a while. I was always looking for opportunities to give back. There’s no better feeling. It’s cool being successful and selling records and stuff, but it is a whole other feeling to be able to give back and actually help people. It gives you a feeling that you can’t really get from doing everything else. Being able to use the influence I have not for selfish reasons but instead to help other people was a really cool opportunity. And it was an honor because the United Nations is such a well-known organization. Knowing that they would want to work with me was also cool, a really awesome thing to hear.

EG: What was the most memorable experience of that day for you?

CC: It was cool, we got to meet the all the head people at the United Nations and talk to them. There were so many cool moments and influential people we got to meet and learn a lot more about what we are trying to accomplish. So, the connections and just being able to talk about how were are going to continue this from that day forward was really cool.


UN Youth Ambassador’s Continual Message of #Forgiveforpeace on http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

Crawford Collins Sees His Name on a Billboard in Times Square

EG: How did you feel seeing your name up on a billboard in Times Square?

CC: That was crazy! That was definitely a humbling moment. I never thought I would get anywhere close to that, so just being able to see my face up on a billboard, it was definitely amazing and humbling at the same time.

EG: Do you still use #Forgiveforpeace?

CC: It was more of a hashtag aimed at bringing attention towards World Peace Day… Our goal was to bring attention to hey, this is World Peace Day. I mean every day you want to bring peace, but have one day where you work hard and bring specific attention to the idea of world peace. We are definitely going to use it next year as well. It was to bring attention because previously nobody really knew World Peace Day was September 21st. So we were like, let’s blast this out and let everyone know it’s World Peace Day. Let’s forgive for peace. Work towards world peace by forgiving each other for previous stuff.

It was really cool because our audience is worldwide… and we reach the younger generation so we can teach forgiveness at a young age. Cause a lot of the world, almost every war that goes on is because of stuff that happened hundreds of years ago that people just won’t let go. It’s all stuff that you got to learn to forgive first. You instill the forgiveness in people and they are like, okay this happened a while ago. We got to learn to forgive and move forward from there.

Living by the Motto of Forgiveness

EG: Promoting peace is a noble cause. How do you live the message in your day-to-day life?

CC: I try to live by the motto of forgiveness. When people try to wrong you, don’t try to retaliate. I always try to step back and be like, a’right they wronged me. But try to be like forgiveness for retaliation. I have never been one to start, I don’t like drama. I don’t like any of that stuff so I try-like, everyone to get along.

EG: That is a good goal for life. International conflict resolution starts at home. As you were just saying, we have to teach forgiveness at an early age. That being said, how do you resolve conflict with your siblings?

Does that Motto Include Your Siblings?

CC: (laughing) With my siblings it’s pretty funny. We will get in little fights or kind of blow up, but after ten minutes we are usually good. We are pretty good at not holding grudges. We definitely fight like all siblings do, but we just separate… and we’ll be back pretty good.

EG: Out of the four of you, who is the first to step forward and forgive?

CC: Hm, I think we are all pretty good at it. Me and my brother get into all sorts of small fights, but like 5-10 minutes we are both over it. A’right, we’re cool now. We basically say what we got to say and then we’re like a’right. If you dwell on it, it never gets resolved.

UN Youth Ambassador’s Continual Message of #Forgiveforpeace with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

Main Image and this image by: Sammy Klegerman

Faith and Work as Social Media Influencer

EG: This is true. Does faith influence your work as a social media influencer? If so, how?

CC: Yeah… I am Christian so it is definitely a huge part of my life. Everything I do I want to share those values and follow those values. I grew up Christian and we’ve always had strong beliefs. It is definitely a big backbone in everything we do… I don’t believe in shoving what I believe down someone’s throat. So, if you can post stuff around the values of what you believe in and spread that positive message…

Everything I do is based around those beliefs and my faith. That is the number one thing above everything else.

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