This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity!

This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity! by

I have contemplated writing an article on the basics of emotional intelligence for quite some time. As I prepared to write over the course of a few weeks now, I became paralyzed. I could not put a single word to paper as I tried to define the concept from a …

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Follow Your Dreams for A Better Future

It is easy to become paralyzed when faced with big decisions. Do I leave my job to follow my passion? How will I support my family? Without absolutely knowing the answer to these questions, one will stay in a job where they are unhappy while dreaming about a different path with sadness.

As I wrote in No Decision Is a Decision, not making a choice is a decision by default. Instead of dreaming about making a change of career, take small steps towards that change. I made that leap in my 30s and it changed my life. Here I am a decade later and I have several thriving businesses that I love.

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287,200 Soundcloud Clicks in 27 Days for Emerging Celebrity Dee Jay

This article is the first in a three part series featuring Canadian Social Media Influencer Crawford Collins. Check back for the other articles as we will discuss his work with the United Nations, meeting Richard Branson, and being an emotionally mature entrepreneur at age 18.

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No Decision is a Decision

No Decision is a Decision with

Avoiding risk by not making a decision is still a decision. It is deciding to not live moment-by-moment in order to side step fear. When we face our fears we can move through them and grow from them.

Instead of running away from important decisions, I chose to look at the source of my fears.

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How to Recognize and Disarm Triggers?

Every entrepreneur needs to have a trusted confidant. Someone to confide in even when it means revealing something about oneself that is less than attractive. This confidant should be a trusted friend, a mentor, a business coach, or even a life coach. The only requirement is that this person is willing to share openly and honestly when dealing with any defects of character. Let’s face it, temper tantrums are a defect of character.

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