This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity!

This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity! by

I have contemplated writing an article on the basics of emotional intelligence for quite some time. As I prepared to write over the course of a few weeks now, I became paralyzed. I could not put a single word to paper as I tried to define the concept from a …

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Follow Your Dreams for A Better Future

It is easy to become paralyzed when faced with big decisions. Do I leave my job to follow my passion? How will I support my family? Without absolutely knowing the answer to these questions, one will stay in a job where they are unhappy while dreaming about a different path with sadness.

As I wrote in No Decision Is a Decision, not making a choice is a decision by default. Instead of dreaming about making a change of career, take small steps towards that change. I made that leap in my 30s and it changed my life. Here I am a decade later and I have several thriving businesses that I love.

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No Decision is a Decision

No Decision is a Decision with

Avoiding risk by not making a decision is still a decision. It is deciding to not live moment-by-moment in order to side step fear. When we face our fears we can move through them and grow from them.

Instead of running away from important decisions, I chose to look at the source of my fears.

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