Responding When You Don’t Know How

Responding When You Don’t Know How with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.comMany times in business there are situations where we do not know the other person’s intentions. Perhaps a stray comment or look has puzzled you. Responding can be challenging.

Unkind Responses

I have witnessed people responding based upon their mood or perceptions. A strange look is met with sarcasm or an unkind comment. A remark receives a retort reserved for enemies.

Responding with Kindness

Instead of all the sarcasm and bitterness tossed about these days, how about meeting unknown intentions with kindness? Instead of a sarcastic retort, try asking if the person is okay. See if you can do anything to make that person’s day smoother.

Find Out What’s Really Wrong

Perhaps instead of responding in anger, you can take time to find out if you provoked the other person. Perhaps you said something to another person, and it got back to your colleague with embellishment. Regardless of the situation, if you offer support upfront, you will find a lot less strife in your day.

Respect Everyone’s Right to Their Feelings

Remember that everyone has a right to their own feelings. They may display disagreement or disappointment with your actions appropriately or inappropriately. The true show of character is how you as a leader (or potential leader) responds. Use kindness. Respect the other person’s opinions even if you disagree. If the other person is angry and the situation heated, don’t respond to the accusation. Instead, tell that person that you see how upset they are and that you will take time to think over the situation. Make an appointment to talk it over further. Try to set the appointment for at least 24 hours away so both parties cool down.

Using Disagreements to Deepen Relationships

It is important to remember that disagreements are healthy and can deepen a relationship if handled well. The only way to deepen a relationship is to use kindness and respect during those tough moments… and all the moments in between.

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