Kirsten Collins: Confidence, Modesty, and the Business of Artistry

Kirsten Collins: Confidence, Modesty, and the Business of Artistry with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.comKirsten Collins has worked in the music industry since she was six years old. She chose homeschooling as a way to work on her career while gaining her education. School focused on her passions; music, dancing, and acting. Armed with these passions and massive talent, she is still learning the business side of the industry with the help of her parents/managers John and Stacey Collins (Adonai Productions) and manager, Steven Cohen (Cohen Management).

Kirsten Collins on Choosing Projects with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.comPhotographer Unknown

Elizabeth Garvey: You are a singer, dancer, actress, model, and you won a beauty pageant. There are a variety of opportunities for work, so what is the process you use to choose a project?

Kirsten Collins: I am a woman who loves adventure. Anything that pops up. I love working so I do multiple things. I can outrun myself. That’s how I work. Music is my top priority. My parents or my manager helps me differentiate what should be a priority at the moment. That’s how I go about it.” 

EG: What is your process for choosing a song to make a cover?

KC: I am not one who loves covers. When I choose a cover, it has to be something that resonates with me at the moment.

EG: Out of your recent cover songs, which one did you enjoy making the most?

KC:‘Same Old Love’ was fun. I loved dressing up. I love relationship stories.

Kirsten Collins on Family Support 

EG: I saw you freestyle with your mother, Stacey Collins, on Facebook. What is it like having such a supportive family in the same industry?

KC: It is amazing and challenging. I have always been competitive with my mom. To be stronger in what I do. Each family member carries a different quality. We all learn so much from each other. And that’s the beauty of music. It’s a beautiful thing. I am blessed and honored and lucky to have that.

 Kirsten Collins Talks About Business

EG: As a professional artist, one needs to build a solid business foundation and rely on a mature understanding of the industry. How are you building your business foundation?

KC: I am in the learning process. My brothers are good at this. They are business-minded like my father. I have people surrounding me who are directing me in different areas. I am still in the learning process of the industry and I will never stop learning. Keep evolving, to keep ahead of it.

Kirsten Collins: Confidence, Modesty, and the Business of Artistry

Image Credit: Cory Parker

EG: How do you deal with difficult situations such as contracts or disagreements?

KC: Most of the time I take a moment and breathe. It’s overwhelming for me. I love the creative part. Someone helps me stay focused [on the difficult parts].

Kirsten Collins on Criticism

EG: How do you handle criticism?

KC: Learn to filter out the comments or people’s opinion. Appreciate criticism.

EG: When I work with entrepreneurs, I teach them emotional intelligence around criticism. Know whether it’s positive or negative. Understand there’s always a potential for truth in the criticism no matter that person’s intent. Have you come to a point in your career where you can differentiate between the emotion of receiving criticism and process of seeing the truth in the criticism?

KC: I am still learning. But I understand when someone says something in jealousy or in love.

Disagreeing With Artistic Direction

EG: What do you do when you don’t agree with a direction?

KC: I will fight for my opinion. I am strong willed and sometimes stubborn. I am open to other people’s opinions, but I am going to stick to my values.

Defining Emotional Maturity

EG: What is your definition of emotional maturity in life and in business?

KC: Knowing when [it’s okay] to be emotional. Often I live my life based on emotions. I need to differentiate when it’s time for emotion and when it’s time for realistic facts of life.

Kirsten Collins: Confidence, Modesty, and the Business of Artistry

Image Credit: Kirsten Collins Selfie

Kirsten Collins on Sleep

EG: How much sleep do you get nightly?

KC: Probably 5-6 hours.

EG: There’s a study that links the lack of sleep to low productivity and decreased emotional intelligence, including empathy. Do you find it harder to relate to others when you haven’t got enough sleep?

KC: At moments, yes. When you put too much in one day and you stress out, you are not enjoying what you do. This [getting enough sleep] is very important, but being young is hanging out with your friends. Making the time and balance for work and friends.

Kirsten Collins on Developing Emotional Maturity

EG: As business people, we’re all growing daily and hopefully making positive changes. What aspect of emotional maturity would you like to develop more within yourself?

KC: I would love to develop more focus and less thinking of emotions. Structure and more focus is something I need for maturity of business. I am learning that every day.

EG: What aspects of emotional maturity would you like to model for your fans?

KC: Joy in life, more of that. The first step of maturity in your business is to be confident in what you’re doing. Stand for something. Set a foundation. That’s really important. I love when my fans get inspired and they build something. One fan made a whole art collection; paintings and a fountain… of me. She’s an incredible video editor. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes movies in the next couple of years. It’s cool to see people experimenting with things they love. Maturity is to try, to risk. That’s what I love about my fans- they try.

Kirsten Collins: Confidence, Modesty, and the Business of Artistry

Image Credit: Tylyn Rikimaru

Who Defines Emotional Maturity for You?

EG: Name one person who defines emotional maturity. Someone you would like to model in your life. Who would that be?

KC: Oh man, I don’t even know if I have met someone yet. The coolest thing with maturity is that each person carries something different. I don’t think anyone is perfect. That’s beautiful. I haven’t met somebody straight, that I admire fully, how they do things with maturity.

Kirsten Collins on Image

EG: You seem like a very strong woman who supports life and love. As a Christian modeling, acting, singing, songwriting, dancing; is it hard to keep your image pure and still be appealing? Do you push that line in your image and how does that make you feel?

KC: The world’s transitioned into more things being okay to do. It’s hard because my beliefs and moral standards. I have got to be relatable yet not cross the line where I feel uncomfortable.

EG: Being relatable is not an easy task when morals are less defined.

KC: People draw to innocence because it allows them to feel child-like. My whole motto is I will dress sexy classy, not sexy trashy. I want to feel confident but modest. It’s what is behind your message and what you portray [that matters].

Cover Image Credit: Joe Valde


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