Follow Your Dreams for A Better Future

Follow Your Dreams for A Better Future with http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.comIt is easy to become paralyzed when faced with big decisions. Do you leave your job to follow your dreams? How do you support your family? Without absolutely knowing the answer to these questions, one will stay in a job where they are unhappy while dreaming about a different path with sadness.

Making the Choice By Default

As I wrote in No Decision Is a Decision, not making a choice is a decision by default. Instead of dreaming about making a change of career, take small steps towards that change. I made that leap in my 30s and it changed my life. Here I am a decade later and I have several thriving businesses that I love.

Was it easy because I already had all the skills needed? NO! I had to learn new skills along the way. I’m learning new skills every day.

The difference is I am making a good income working fewer hours per week while doing what I love. I no longer dread getting up in the mornings to work on projects that do not inspire me. That is worth spending time to learn new skills.

Key to Following Your Dreams is Small Action Steps

The key is to take small steps towards your goals. Shut off distractions for time to learn new skills.

I saw the above video a few months ago. Josh Kaufman wrote the book (affiliate link) The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast! Kaufman says that you can learn any subject proficiently if you practice 40 minutes a day for a month. He goes more in depth in his interview and book, and I agree with the concept completely.

Turn off the distractions that waste your time. There is no television in my home. Yes, there’s a computer and I do watch programs with my family. But I consciously choose how long I watch. Even when I do sit down to enjoy a program, it’s a TED Talk, Teletubbies, or Rescue Bots. [2017 Update: The boys now like Octonauts and Alphablocks] Hey, stop laughing… I have two little boys!

I also choose to turn off Youtube and work on skills that further my business.

21-31 Day No TV Challenge

Don’t let fear or complacency rule your life. Take small steps. Try 21-31 days of turning off the television to learn a new skill. It will boost your self-confidence. It will also prove to you that you can learn a new skill and become proficient in a short amount of time. Who knows, if you learn enough skills over the course of a year, you could start your own business doing something you love.

Inexpensive and Free Learning Resources

Don’t let fear of money control you either. There are many affordable and free resources you can use to learn skills.  One of my favorites is (affiliate link) Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99 USD per month I can read as many books as I have time. The books are electronic format and I can download 10 books at a time. I read industry and how-to books.

Another resource is Khan Academy. It is a not-for-profit online education for students and adults. The classes are free for everyone. They have a great section on programming too!

Internet Sharing

Don’t underestimate the power of the internet either. There are thousands of people on the internet sharing information. You can get a wealth of education from trade journals, online magazines, websites, and blogs. It may take more time to get a great education that way, but it’s possible.

40 Minutes a Day

The point I am making is simple.  Make the decision to take a chance on yourself. Take small steps towards your goals. Forty minutes is not much time out of your day. Follow your dreams for a better future.

Do you need help to find the distractions or fears holding you back? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for making a positive change in your life? To help you set reasonable goals?

Email me  to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. I will help you consider your options for making your dream come true.

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