This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity!

This is not Emotional Intelligence, it’s Insanity! by

I have contemplated writing an article on the basics of emotional intelligence for quite some time. As I prepared to write over the course of a few weeks now, I became paralyzed. I could not put a single word to paper as I tried to define the concept from a …

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Emotionally Mature Business [People] Control Temper

Emotionally Mature Business People Control Temper with

An emotionally mature person is able to control temper. This person has learned to identify triggers-actions or environments that produce enough stress to provoke a temper tantrum. Let’s call emotional outbursts what they are, temper tantrums. So in order to avoid temper tantrums where one lashes out in anger or hurt, one must first understand the three axioms of trigger points and begin to recognize triggers.

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