287,200 Soundcloud Clicks in 27 Days for Emerging Celebrity Dee Jay

“This article is the first in a three part series featuring Celebrity Dee Jay and Canadian Social Media Influencer Crawford Collins. Check out the other articles discussing his work with the United Nations, meeting Richard Branson, and being an emotionally mature entrepreneur at age 18.”

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http://emotionallymaturebusiness.com/2016/03/25/287200-soundcloud-clicks-in-27-days-for-emerging-celebrity-dee-jayTransitioning careers as a celebrity can be a daunting task. Fans have a preconceived idea on a celebrity’s talent, not leaving much room for real growth as an artist. For a few people, this transition goes smoothly. Think actors Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Regan and politics. Even rapper Vanilla Ice has seen success in theatre, film, and television.

The question remains, how well do celebrities transition into the music industry? Without crazy talent even the superstars get left behind. Look at the musical failures of Tyra Banks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kobe Bryant, and Bruce Willis. When stars this big do not make the cut who can?

Meet Emerging Celebrity Dee Jay Crawford Collins

Perhaps the times are changing. Music is being shared in real time, no longer in the clutches of producers and record labels. Websites like Soundcloud and Spotify are revolutionizing the way the music industry works. Just ask the Canadian social media influencer and entertainer, Crawford Collins.

Crawford has been on social media for just over two years and has amassed an international following of over 8 million people.  This alone is an impressive figure. Add to it his first post on February 20, 2014 gained him over 750,000 followers in just five months. Now that is a fast growing influential reach!

Music is a Family Affair

Now Crawford has invited his fans to join him on his journey into a music career. This leap is natural for the young entertainer as he comes from a family of musicians. Crawford explained, “Music for me, growing up in the family I did, it’s always been a huge part of my life, ever since I was born basically. My mom has always sung. [Kirsten] my older sister has always been big into music since she was like seven. [Chris] my older brother’s been doing music for a long time. [Karisma] my younger sister does music. My dad plays bass and guitar. So, music has always been a really big part of my growing up. I have always been surrounded by music. And I have always really loved, not only creating music, but listening to music.” (1)


Three New Tracks Released

Crawford has been working with other Dee Jays and musicians to record remixes of popular songs. He released three tracks during February and March of 2016. The tracks are seeing positive response from his fans. On February 25th he released the Damn Daniel Remix. It reached over 172,000 listens in a months’ time. Three days later he released the Stitches Remix gaining over 91,000 listens. Then he released the Pillowtalk Remix on March 12th with over 24,200 listens in less than four days. Totaling 287,200 times his tracks have played in a mere 27 days.

What’s Next for the Canadian Artist and Celebrity Dee Jay?

He will travel the United States with DigitourSummer as a Dee Jay. He has toured with the social media event in the past greeting fans. This time, he is excited to showcase the work he is doing with music. But transitioning to the music industry still weighs heavy on the youth. He wants to be recognized as a talented musician with a positive message. “I don’t want to be remembered as… Oh, he’s the social media guy who Dee Jays. I want to go up there and put on a genuine show and have people be like, alright, he’s a really cool Dee Jay.”

After the tour, Crawford intends to spend time in LA pursuing the many connections and opportunities available there. When asked who he wants to collaborate with, he quickly answered, “I would have to say, Jack Ü  would be a really cool one to collaborate with. That would be amazing.” He also said that although he is offered exclusive contracts to sign with studios daily, he is enjoying being independent for now. It is giving him the opportunity to grow and develop his own style with the support of his loyal fans.

1. Personal Interview with Crawford Collins on 3/16/2016 via Skype

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