Here’s the Meditation that is Helping People Like You Become More Emotionally Intelligent in as Little as 20 Minutes Per Day!

Learn how to engage with your coworkers like an A-lister and be sought out for your compassion and confidence (Think TED Talks).

See how easily you can:

  • Gain more confidence,
  • Give yourself permission to listen,
  • Focus on the conversation at hand,
  • Grant yourself permission to respond later,
  • And learn how to disagree without arguing.

Here’s what one listener had to say after one week:

"Before the EMB Guided Meditation, I was insecure in addressing problems at work. I was afraid of reactions, theirs and mine. Now, I have not only found my Secret Garden, but I am experiencing more serenity at work, confronting problems with less fear and without reacting negatively. Meeting with a manager today, I was calm, spoke in a neutral and confident way. I had no fear what she thought of me. This mediation is changing how I look at problems. I am more relaxed and I now have solutions. Thank you for this great gift!" -Dora, Germany

Of course, I cannot guarantee everyone will have the exact same results. There is no magic bullet that will increase everyone’s emotional intelligence on contact. But if you are open to change and really absorb the meditation, you are bound to see results.

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