Are you an entrepreneur struggling to build successful business relationships based on mutual honor and respect?

Are you spending your days (and nights) working hard but neglecting your own needs? Do you find yourself irritable and feeling your relationships are strained? I know how it feels.

I can assure you. . .

IF you are an entrepreneur building your own business. . .

IF you are in upper management dreaming of building your own business. . .

AND IF you are an employee looking for the skills to move into management and eventually build your own business. . .

YOU have found the right place. This website is for you!

Elizabeth Garvey of http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

My name is Elizabeth Garvey.

I help entrepreneurs like YOU learn the tools necessary to build successful business relationships based on mutual honor and respect.

I will teach you:

  • How to respond to difficult situations instead of reacting.
  • How to recognize and work with toxic people.
  • How to recognize and change if you are the toxic person.
  • And much more!


I have been building and consulting international businesses for many years. My clients are from Australia, Austria, Germany, India, Mexico, Sweden, UK, and the USA. During that time, I have also been coaching individual entrepreneurs through difficult situations.

Most of my clients found me by word-of-mouth. That means, I was referred to them or met them personally during a business trip. Through referrals and conversations my client list has continued growing. Many of my clients have asked me to make my teachings more widely available as entrepreneurs everywhere will benefit.

Since I have limited space for private coaching, I have created a blog to share insights with you  to fill in the gap. More entrepreneurs need these tools to continue building a successful business! Too many are losing clients and associates because no one took the time to share insights into Emotionally Mature Business.

This is where EMB steps in!

Emotionally Mature Business offers tips and tools to SERIOUS ENTREPRENEURS, the GAME CHANGERS of the business world. People like YOU. People who believe in themselves, in their goals, and in treating others with dignity.

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7 best practices for meeting new people from http://www.emotionallymaturebusiness.com

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I guarantee all messages from EMB will be valuable.

As entrepreneurs we do not have extra time to waste. So when I mail you it will be to share something of importance to you and your business.

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